Friday, August 5, 2011

Because "Americans only have children on accident."

I don't understand why there is this perception that being on birth control will cause girls to sleep with anyone indiscriminately. I guess there are double standards for guys, then, because they don't need to worry about getting pregnant, right? That's why all guys sleep with every girl they meet, right?

Furthermore, how can anyone equate birth control, breastpumps, and counseling for abuse with getting a manicure? Grrrr...

I really can understand if someone thinks the government shouldn't pay for medical expenses, but that should include all medical expenses, and shouldn't exclude those that specifically help women (although counseling for abuse is beneficial for both men and women). 

I would like to add that I am completely in love with my daughter. And, despite the suppositions of socially conservative US politicians, I have a beautiful daughter, after being on birth control for many years, at a time when I am both emotionally and financially stable. Being able to plan for when her father and I were both ready for her resulted in me having the time to make sure I was in the best health I could be (updated on my vaccinations, taking prenatal vitamins, exercising and eating healthy), before we got pregnant. I think this helped reduce my stress, and helped me be really excited and prepared for about our baby.

I can only imagine how different our society would be if most pregnancies were planned, after women had time to complete the education/training that they wanted, and when most couples had had some time to themselves, as well as time to prepare (emotionally and financially) for being a parent.

That said, can you ever really be prepared to be a parent? Not completely, but you can do your best, and birth control gives women some small bit of control over the timing of their entry to motherhood.

I haven't even gotten into the benefits of providing breastpumps, so I'll save that for a later date.

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