Thursday, May 26, 2011


I keep putting off posting because I want to make the posts really meaty, but being home with Claire, finishing some writing for my dissertation research and not having Internet really limits me. So, until further notice, this will be a skin-and-bones blog, but at least it will be a blog (thanks to 3G on my phone).

I've met so many interesting people since we have moved to Berkeley. Most of the people are really quite friendly, which helps when you don't know anyone.

I've been getting a little stressed lately because our one nanny didn't work out, and now it has been very challenging to find childcare for baby girl. It has been especially hard for me today because it is really sinking in, how much I am going to miss, and miss her, when I start work again. I almost started crying, just holding her and seeing how big she has gotten already. I know it will be okay. It just stinks sometimes.

Now, I'm going to go enjoy holding my napping baby.

Here is her a few days ago:

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