Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dinner and day two

We couldn't have chosen a better hotel if we had planned it. Last night we found the Best Western in Monticello, IL. It was the only hotel in the area where the pet friendly rooms were not the smoking rooms (in fact the whole hotel was smoke-free!!).

This morning I woke up to this view out of our window:

There was also a lovely wood-planked patio around the main floor, outside the pool, that had a grill!

Claire slept most of the day yesterday, so was restless last night and is a little fussy this morning, but not too bad at all. Actually, she has been amazing so far. So have the doggies. We haven't done much and it has been fantastic! Just relaxing and enjoying the scenery across county.

Another plus is that the meds the Vet gave us have worked perfectly to keep Aro from getting car sick. Yay!!

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