Saturday, February 26, 2011

State Patty's Day Rant

Dear State Patty's Day Party-goers,


Well done.

I already had to avoid hitting green-clad street-wanderers this morning (it's just barely past 8am people!). For those of you not in State College, PA, welcome to State Patty's Day. It's a day made up a few years ago so students who missed St. Patrick's Day (because it fell during Spring Break) could have an excuse to dress up in green and get face-down drunk.

The girl who took charge organizing this year said it was because:
"I wanted to continue the tradition for those that are younger than me."
Like it's a sweet family tradition or something instead of another (as if they need it) day to get completely wasted, make fools of themselves in public and trash the town.

Last year the founder denounced it because it had gotten so out of control. From the article, in 2009:
"Police saw students vomiting or urinating on sidewalks in broad daylight. Drunken driving arrests were up, and more than 20 people needed emergency medical services."
(in 2009) "State Patty's Day yielded more alcohol-related incidents than the 2008 Homecoming weekend or the primetime Illinois game" 
Not that public intoxication is acceptable during those times either, but what are you celebrating with State Patty's Day? Worshiping Dionysus? Enjoying being young and hanging out with your friends? Hoping to get sent to the ER for alcohol poisoning or arrested for sexual assault?

A student walking in front of me on Thursday was exclaiming how he needed to do a lot of work the next two days because he certainly wasn't going to be "functioning" on Saturday, and was planning on being severely hungover and barely moving on Sunday. Wow, that sounds like so much fun.

Now the problem is multiplied because students and visitors from surrounding communities come in for the event meaning that there is less accountability for the stupidity that occurs.

I hesitated (barely) before writing this because:
1) I really need to get work done today (but who can work when you're fuming!)
2) I might be turning into a grouch (but, no, there's no excuse for the blatant disrespect these people show to the town, its community members and to themselves)

State College, it isn't time to "grow up". You have the rest of your lives to do that. But it is time to develop a little self-respect, and learn how to be courteous to the people you share this town with. I wouldn't even necessarily advocate for canceling State Patty's Day, if you could learn to celebrate responsibly, without damaging yourself, your friends, and anyone you come in contact with.


Dominique said...

I agree 100%!!

totaketheroadlesstravelledby said...

As do I. Don't worry about being a grouch.

Kevin Zelnio said...

Ahh, State College. How I miss thee! LOL

"I might be turning into a grouch (but, no, there's no excuse for the blatant disrespect these people show to the town, its community members and to themselves)"

You know you are parent when... I remember getting grouchy about those-damn-kids when we had Elliot. Thankfully, we lived on the north side of campus and I could avoid the downtown party lights. But yeah, PSU undergrads are ridiculous. Having worked at Duke and now UNC Wilmington since then, PSU undergrads are a special breed of idiot.