Sunday, February 20, 2011

How awesome is science and the human body?

This awesome:

Neil Patrick Harris (one of my new favorite people) and David Burtka decided to have children and found a surrogate mother. The physicians implanted one egg fertilized with a sperm from Neil and one egg fertilized with a sperm from David. Both took! Now they are proud fathers of paternal twins (a little girl and a little boy!).

It just really strikes me as something very, very cool that people who, thirty years ago couldn't conceive a child on their own now have two! I probably missed this story (seeing as it was published Dec 29) due to our own new addition.

Well, congrats to the new daddies. And congrats to the science that made it possible.

Oh, and although the quality is a little choppy, here's a video for your day featuring NPH' voice on Glee:


Mike Russo said...

Damn, the video has been taken down. I agree though, it is damn cool what can be done now-a-days. As a side note, I have a man crush on NPH because he is awesome.

mathbionerd said...

He is awesome. :) I wonder what kind of crush mine counts as, considering he's gay.