Monday, February 7, 2011

The plan

I have twelve weeks to complete my graduate career. I met with my advisor today and we had a fantastic conversation about what all we need to accomplish, now it is time to get it done. It is nice to be in a place where she and I meet and are bringing similar ideas to the table.

In the coming weeks I need to rerun some analysis for our study of male mutation bias, complete analysis on how pseudogenes die and evolve, rewrite and resubmit the review of male mutation bias, and finish writing my thesis. Oh, and defend my thesis.

It seems a little overwhelming right now, but hopefully if I can keep focused on small goals, it will all come together without too much stress.

In other news, both Scott and I are getting over the flu.  Although the infection itself was pretty terrible (causing high fevers, severe fatigue, cough, etc), it was more scary because I was so afraid that our six week out daughter would get sick. So far, however, we've been really lucky and she is faring much better than both of us!

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