Monday, November 29, 2010

technology fail

So, I decided to update my EndNote version (to X3) and update to Microsoft Office 2008 (for Mac). Everything is great, they're both installed, they just won't talk to each other. Fail. That's kind of the point of having a citation manager, that it will manage your citations in the documents you write.

So, I've wasted an afternoon attempting to get them to communicate. The IT guy for Bioinformatics just suggested everything I tried (which is nice, because he's a smart guy, so it makes me feel a little less like an idiot that I can't get it to work). I have two more things before I just remove and reinstall everything. Sigh. Awesome timing. I should have waited till AFTER I submitted my paper and fellowship application. Foolishly, I thought it would be as simple as it was when I installed in on my laptop.

In other news, we're 37 weeks today - which in preggo-speak means that we're technically "full term", so even though the due date isn't until December 20th, she's okay'd for landing anytime after today.

Also, in an attempt to get my paper in final form, so we can submit it tomorrow, I stayed up waaay too late last night (finishing around 2am, but couldn't fall asleep until after 3:15), so feeling a bit sluggish now, and hoping to hear back from my advisor sometime soon, to avoid another late night.

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