Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dog boots (more abuse?)

Last winter the rock salt/chemicals used to de-ice our sidewalks really bothered Chip's tiny little feet - he would get about 20 feet before starting to limp. After doing his business he wouldn't even want to walk and would just sit there, in the snow, holding and licking his little paws. Being the sucker I am, I would pick him up and carry him back home, where I'd wash his feet off and then give him tons of affection to make up for the cold, cruel chemical salts I'd subjected him to. Like the author of this blog post about dog boots, I used to be very skeptical about them, but after last winter's experience, I'm leaning towards buying some for him and Aro. Of course he'll pout and think he's in trouble when I put them on, but if they allow him to walk outside in the winter without damaging his little tootsies, it'll totally be worth it.

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