Monday, November 15, 2010

Many thanks

Many thanks to my friends, family and labmates (many of whom cross-groups!) for spoiling Scott and I with wonderful food and baby-stuffs.

Now, I'll take a short leave from blogging to work on:
1. Research paper re-writes and updates for a Wednesday submission
2. NIH NRSA (postdoc fellowship) for Friday
3. Presentation for lab meeting today - on the 1000 genomes paper
4. Finalizing figures for a review article

Other things, I should keep in mind to do:
1. Proof-read comprehensive proposal for a friend
2. Writing a summary of GWIS National fellowship winners by end of Nov
3. Updating GWIS (local/national) with pictures from the USASEF.
4. Harry Potter on the 19th!
5. Organizing baby stuff and figuring out what we still need
6. Thank-you cards
7. Holiday cards
8. Enjoying time with my wonderful husband, and making sure the doggies get lots of love

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