Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day two

Aro woke up every 2 hrs or less last night (first because my brother-in-law and his friends stayed up till 3 and the dog got upset everytime they'd walk down the stairs). Then, he woke up at 4:30 needing to go out to pee, which he did well on. Finally, at 6:30 (half an hour after his pain meds wore off) he tried to turn around in his kennel and slipped, landing with his back end (i.e. sore legs) on the cold tile and his back feet stuck underneath his front legs in the kennel. It was such a horrible cry.

I got him out, gave him his antibiotic and pain meds, then took both dogs out for their morning walk.

After a bit of attention, some doggy breakfast, then giving me a few minutes to brush my teeth and wash my face, both dogs are now sleeping: I picked Aro's bed out of his crate and he's cuddling in it next to Scott, and Chip is sleeping curled up on my outstretched legs while I check my programs and generally goof off on the internet this morning.

K, I need to move so Scott can roll.

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