Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookie Exchange

Monday night we had a cookie exchange - the first one I've hosted, and I use the word "host" very loosely.  In the interest of being eco-friendly I suggested that everyone just bring take-home containers instead of wrapping all cookies individually, then everyone could take home 6-8 of each kind of cookie in their own containers.  It didn't work out that way. I hope everyone who came went home with enough cookies, because we certainly had plenty leftover! Scott had his first excursion into peanut butter melty cookies using kisses with almonds - they were delicious! I made some sugar cookies with crushed peppermints, nothing special, but they are pretty. After a week of making several batches of trial cookies you'd think I'd be tired of them, but when everyone came over, I couldn't help but "test" each type as it walked in the door.
Tonight is the Biology Department Holiday party, then hoping to scrapbook some this weekend, do a little research, finish up shopping and hang out with a friend and her new little boy.

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Anonymous said...

Just had one of your peppermint sugar cookies... and then had three more :-) Nice job, they are delightful!