Thursday, December 18, 2008


I broke my own rule to try just about anything, except brains, when I choked down some bread with a tiny bit of cow brains at my friend's Offal party. I did it, it really didn't taste bad at all and I survived - so I can be proud, but I still feel slightly sick to my stomach and my throat closes up just thinking of it. Prions, people, prions!!  And, as a seeming vindication that my rejection of brains, (and reason why my zombie friends no longer come over for dinner), is not utterly ridiculous, a story was released today about a NEW strain of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) in Britian that people with a certain gene variant are susceptible to


bwilson4web said...


I've heard several comments about how Grandmother Mary over-cooked food. I remember a few roasts with bits having more in common with beef jerky but still taste. So when the 'mad cow' stuff came out I thought, "Revenge of the 'well done' omnivores." Bob W.

mathbionerd said...

Haha...prions are rather incredible little...organisms?...proteins?...things. I am excited to learn more about how they function and replicate, and how they developed as more research is done.

I should run all my post by you, because I think you will come up with the most witty titles, "Revenge of the..." would have been perfect.