Friday, May 3, 2013

Little Brown Dog is patient

Little Brown Dog used to be our baby, and although he is now our furbaby, I love him no less.

Pathetic doggy eyes
"Don't you love me anymore?"
He is a part of our family (lovingly adopted from Centre County PAWS nearly 4 years ago - adopted is our favorite breed!). It upsets me that nearly half of young adults would prefer to buy a pet than adopt one. If you're considering adding a furry member to your family, please consider adoption. There are approximately 5-7 million pets waiting to be adopted in shelters across the country, with over half of them euthanized (yes, that's 3-4 million cats and dogs killed every year because they had no home). Shelter dogs come in every shape and size, and, even if they are shy, are aching for someone to love.

Every day I enjoy watching the interactions between Little Brown Dog and Little Bear. They are forever friends, and, I am amazed at how much patience our 10lb shelter dog has with this inquisitive toddler.

Things we've said to Little Bear, in reference to Little Brown Dog:
"He doesn't understand that you're just trying to brush his fur with that wrench." 
(We do let her brush his fur sometimes with a little brush, but now she wants to do it all the time.)
"Please do not 'fix' his face with your screw driver."
(She's been 'fixing' ouchies, very gently using a screwdriver, like a, a... I'm not really sure. Actually, it is kind of like a tricorder from Star Trek that she waves over the "ouchies", but Little Brown Dog doesn't know that. He's more of a Star Wars fan.)
Little Bear said, about Little Brown Dog:
"He wants to go for a bike ride?"
(No, sweetheart, I don't think Little Brown Dog wants to ride your bicycle.)
"Dinosaur going to eat his butt."
(After which we had to take away her toy dinosaur with the hinged jaw so it wouldn't chomp down on Little Brown Dog's hind quarters.) 
At the end of the day, they're still lifelong friends.

And, just this morning, she was "training" him to sit using her granola. They're a pretty good team, and I'm so glad we welcomed this little stray into our home and our hearts. 

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