Thursday, January 17, 2013

The names have not been changed.

I know it isn't funny to anyone but me, but I wanted to share my sleep-deprived humor. I've been staying up way too late many nights in a row, and so last night fell asleep when I took the Bear to bed. We also had a friend come over last night, about the same time. 

The names have not been changed in this story, because, it wouldn't make sense if I did.

So, our friend J.J. came over, so he and Scott could work on some electronics. I woke up around midnight, a little disoriented, after a very vivid dream, where I was certain that J.J. told us his parents were coming over the next day. There are several reasons why I should have realized this wasn't true. But, for argument's sake, just accept that the likelihood of this happening is near zero. In any case, I wasn't coherent enough to deduce that J.J.'s parent's coming over wasn't logical, but I had a sliver of doubt, and was starting to worry about all the cleaning I would need to do before they came, so had to ask:

Me: "Are J.J.'s parent's coming over tomorrow?"
Scott: Laughter. Then, to his credit, "No, J.J.'s parents are not coming over. Maybe you should go back to bed."
Me: Confused look. "Oh, okay, I didn't think that made sense."
Scott: "Also, J dropped off a key to their apartment, so we can dogsit this weekend."
Me: Wondering why he said J instead of J.J., but let it slide. "Oh? Where is he going?"
Scott: "He's headed to Lake Tahoe this weekend. I told J it wouldn't be a problem."
Me: Wondering if this is some new friend nickname. "Why are you calling him J? His name is J.J.."
Scott: "What? I thought it was J."
Me: "Nope, J.J."
Scott: "I thought our neighbor's name was Jay."
Me: "What?"
Scott: "Jay, our neighbor."
Me: "I'm confused."
Scott: "Our. neighbor. Jay. dropped. off. the. key. to. his. apartment. He asked if we would watch their dogs."
Me: "Ohh....but, I thought you were talking about J.J., and it was weird that you were calling him Jay, and I would have known if you had said dog-zuh, because J.J. only has one dog, but Jay and Jen have two dogs." (deep breath)
Scott: "Maybe you should go to bed."
Me: "I think I will."

I think, given the extenuating circumstances, it was completely reasonable to be confused about the names (not the parents coming over... that was completely unreasonable). 

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