Thursday, January 24, 2013


It has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks (I was up till 5am getting some new results for a collaborator's grant), and i sometimes need to remind myself that I actually do quite a bit of living outside of work.

This weekend we went out for a belated birthday dinner to a Japanese place, Kirala, that i've been wanting to try. The food and service were excellent. The Bear ate a bowl of tofu, a bowl of miso soup, and three pieces of unagi sushi. I was so proud!!

During the weekend we dogsat for our very lovely neighbors. The two big dogs are such a change from our little brown chihuahua, but everyone got along well.

We also found a glider on sale at Target. We all love it!
The Bear tried to snuggle both of her doggies in the chair. One was much more cooperative than the other.

She was actually very good at "helping" put together the chair and the dresser we got (also a great deal).

Tonight the Bear and I decided to do some creative reusing of the old boxes, with the help of some paints.

After they're all decorated, we will build a fort. A fabulous fort.
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