Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sometimes we keep it simple

Today I made a lot of progress responding to reviewer comments on the last paper to be published from my thesis work. The project studies the evolution of the X and Y chromosome, and we received many great suggestions for ways to clarify and improve the paper. There were a couple off-the-wall comments, but I suppose that will happen any time during peer review. I was really getting into the zone, making updates and changes. I looked up and wondered how two hours could have passed, then panicked a little when I realized I had to leave to go to daycare, right now! Well, maybe in 5 minutes, I just needed to finish a couple more lines.

Taking just a few more minutes to finish some analysis meant that I didn't have time to grab the dog on my way to daycare, and even speed-walking, I just barely made it. Given that we returned late on Monday night, and hadn't gone to the grocery store, we really needed milk for our little bear. So, after politely excusing myself from spending time with a very nice pair of fellow-daycare parents and their son, the bear and I sprinted to get some milk. She convinced me we also needed some grape tomatoes ("peees, have sum", she said as she pointed to them). Really, how could I say no to that?

So, with tomatoes and milk in hand (or in stroller), we raced home to let our loving little mutt outside before his tiny bladder exploded.

After the dog-explosion crisis was averted, I realized, in my hurry, that I didn't actually pick up anything of substance at the store for dinner. So, rummaging through the cabinets, I came up with this:

Whole wheat with toasted orzo (good, but a little salty), vegetarian baked beans, and steamed frozen peas.

Perhaps not my most inspired meal, but also not the worst. What really matters is that they were all baby bear approved:

I'm also excited to report that I also have a good outline for my K99/R00 grant application, so I'll be spending the rest of the night starting to fill in the details. Good thing, because it is due in a month. Eek!

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