Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 steps for writing a K99/R00 grant application

How to write a grant:
1. Write;
2. Rewrite; 
3. Rewrite;
4. Rewrite;
5. Rewrite;
6. Rewrite;
7. Rewrite;
8. Rewrite;
9. Submit; and, 
10. Wait.

I am on step #4, and have a little over a month to go before my submission deadline. I'm working on the NIH Pathway to Independence award. This is composed of a K99 portion, which provides one to two years of funding for postdoctoral training, and a R00 portion, which provides three years of funding as a new investigator, contingent upon re-approval.

As I am still in the process, I don't have any spectacular advice, but, as usual, Google delivered. Here are some useful resources for preparing a K99/R00:

 Good luck everyone!

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