Friday, June 8, 2012

Parenthood makes me laugh

Our 17-month old daughter knows that if she tells us she needs to pee, we'll let her get up and go to the potty, even if we've been trying to get her to go to sleep for some time. Generally she'll walk strait to the bathroom, sit on the potty (sometimes she pees, but usually not), then we'll head back to her bed. Tonight, on her way back, she flung her arms on the couch and started fussing. Then she turned around and abruptly stopped crying when she saw her train. Scott asked if she wanted to take her train to bed. She said "yah!!", rushed over to pick it up, protectively hugged it close to her chest, then bee-lined it for bed. All the while I was sitting like a camouflaged lizard in a chair against the wall, not moving so that she wouldn't get distracted by me, stifling my laughter. It's the small things.

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