Friday, March 13, 2009

too many questions?

No such thing.

Today we decided to walk down to Webster's Cafe to get an after-lunch drink. I ordered a hot tea and decided to try something new. They had a house blend called Garuda Chai. It smelled good - spicy with ginger - so decided to get it. I then asked the question of the day, "What does 'Garuda' mean?". No one behind the counter, nor anyone with me, nor any of the surrounding customers had any idea. The main reason I found this odd was because the tea was blended locally, so someone, at some point in Webster's history decided to name it "Garuda". After an easy web search - and asking my Hindu labmate, the conclusion is that Garuda, in general, means "eagle" in India, but that eagle also refers to one of the Hindu, and subsequently Buddist, gods. Neato. Now, while the tea is pretty good - smooth and mild with a little hint of spice - I wouldn't say that it is god-like.

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