Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth hour misses the mark

So, tomorrow night, at 8:30pm your local time, there is a movement for every person to switch off the lights for one hour:

Fine. It's a good idea - just in general. I try to be aware of when the lights are on, and when they don't need to be. For example, I love opening the curtains for natural sunlight instead of electricity, and I am constantly walking over to the general room across the hall from me to turn the lights off. It is easy, with a seemingly endless supply of energy, to just leave lights on, computers on, chargers plugged in - all habits we need to break.

While turning the lights off is a good start, I think it is completely ironic that the same organization is encouraging people to turn off lights for an hour is also encouraging people to take pictures, video, post to a blog or twitter during the same time. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

At the very least, this movement will get people to think about being less wasteful. And maybe that is where I differ from the creators of the Earth Hour - I view this as an opportunity to take stock of how many resources each person uses every day and how even small changes, on everyone's part, can make an tremendous impact.

Speaking of not being wasteful, my friend just sent me this clip, and it fits perfectly with this theme:

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't this seem vaguely familiar of Al Gores Live Earth Concert in 2007 (if anyone even remembers that)? While it is a good way to get the word out I can't help but agree that it seems to downplay the discussions and actions that should really be taken place.