Thursday, January 15, 2015

Postdocs: Responsibility is a two-way street

I have responsibilities to my lab members, and my expectations of lab members listed on my website: I just came across this list of responsibilities on the Arizona State University page for postdoctoral scholars, and I love it.

The responsibilities of the postdoctoral scholars are defined:
Responsibilities Of Postdoctoral Scholars
Postdoctoral scholars are expected to carry out the research plan and fulfill the goals established with the supervising faculty member; to assist the faculty member in fulfilling the requirements of the grant, contract or project in a timely manner; to communicate regularly with the faculty member; and to notify the faculty member of any change in research plans. Postdoctoral scholars funded through institutional training grants or fellowships may have additional responsibilities identified by the funding source.

And, just as important, so too are the responsibilities of the supervising faculty described:
Responsibilities Of The Supervising Faculty MemberThe supervising faculty member is responsible for developing, in concert with the postdoctoral scholar, a plan of research and the goals, objectives and expectations of the training program. Faculty supervisors are expected to regularly and frequently communicate with postdoctoral scholars; provide oral or written evaluations as they deem appropriate; and offer mentoring, including career advice and job placement assistance. The faculty mentor should also ensure that postdoctoral scholars have an environment adequate for fulfilling their responsibilities.
It is just so nice to see these bi-directional responsibilities also formalized at the University level. Way to go ASU!

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