Monday, April 28, 2014

My time as a real scientist (@realscientists)

I was very lucky to participate in a wonderful science outreach and education endeavor by tweeting for @realscientists.

What is Real Scientists? From their "about" page:
RealScientists (@realscientists) is a rotational twitter account featuring real scientists, science writers, communicators and policy makers talking about their lives and their work. Tweeters from different fields of science and science-related fields (you can also follow them on Facebook).  
My welcome from Real Scientists: Why Y? Evolutionary biologist Dr Melissa Wilson Sayres joins RealScientists

Throughout the week the tweets were collected together. The picture changes with each account user, so just keep in mind, wherever it says, @realscientists, it's me talking, whoever is shown in the picture.

Storify #1:
Please welcome Dr Melissa Wilson Sayres of UC Berkeley! Melissa’s research uses bioinformatics and genomics to study the evolutionary dynamics of sex chromosome evolution, male mutation bias, and pregnancy. Twitter pretty much exploded with excitement when Melissa started. Part 1 is Sunday/Monday.

Storify #2:
Melissa continued her fabulous form through Tuesday and Wednesday. She talked job applications, collaborations, courtroom science (ie uncertainty and reasonable doubt), science funding and more. And she posted a photo of leggings with genes on them. Could we call them geggings, do you think?

Storify #3:
During her week of tweeting for RealScientists, Melissa was also involved in several panels at the Conference of World Affairs (#CWA2014). Tweets from Thursday and Friday picked up on one of these sessions: sex and gender. Do yourself a favour, and read on….

Storify #4:
That's a wrap for Melissa. Over the course of the week she talked research, job applications, collaborations, courtroom science, science funding, why or why not to do a PhD, how to become a bioinformaticist (+/- coding), the role and importance of academic outreach. Here are days Fri, Sat and Sun.

My farewell from Real Scientists: Y leaving so soon? Farewell and thanks, Dr Melissa Wilson Sayres

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