Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Template rejection letters are better than no letter at all.

It is the academic job season, and as offers are made, we receive rejection letters, sometimes. But more often than not, applicants don't hear anything. For someone whose life is built on data and observations I absolutely prefer to receive a rejection letter. At least then I know where I stand. But, today I laughed out loud a the rejection letter I received. I've changed the names of the people and University to italics, but nothing else, including the salutation: 
Dear Dr. $[LastName], 
Thank you for your application for the faculty position in the UniversityDepartment of Biology. 
While we were impressed with your background and research goals, uponcareful review of your application materials we have identified othercandidates who are a better match for our faculty development plans inthe department. This is the result of our need to complement existingfaculty research programs. 
Thank you again for your interest in the University Department of Biology. Wewish you the best of luck in your career endeavors. 
Dr. Forgot to Check the Template and the entire search committee
I know that these are form letters, and I am definitely guilty of making these kinds of silly spelling/grammar/typing errors, but sometimes it is nice to see that I'm not the only one who could use an extra cup of coffee some mornings. :)

And, at least they sent a letter. Knowledge is power, even if it is disappointing knowledge. 


Update: An apology was emailed out this afternoon. 

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