Saturday, December 14, 2013


Little Bear picked out a pie pumpkin at the store last week. She helped me clean out the guts, and wash the seeds. The first thing we made with it was toasted pumpkin seeds:

Delicious toasted seeds. 
Then, I peeled the pumpkin and we boiled it.

Boiled fresh pumpkin.
And puréed it.

Pureed fresh pumpkin - so bright!
I made a pie crust using whole wheat flour and vegetable shortening.

Whole wheat crust.

And looked up a recipe for eggless pumpkin pie (because we were out of eggs at home). I found this one, but used half the sugar.

Ready to bake eggless pie.

It took nearly twice (yes, twice) as long to bake, which makes me high suspect our oven (will have to buy an oven thermometer soon). I don't think it is because of the reduced sugar, but that might have contributed.

But, it turned out to be pretty tasty. I prefer the consistency of pumpkin pie with eggs (more custard-like), but this was a wonderful eggless/vegan option.

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