Saturday, November 30, 2013


In October I completed my longest race: 13.1 miles. Scott and my dad raced also, and Little Bear came along for the ride (a good friend watched her while we ran).

All ready to go before the race.
I did pretty well for the first half. In fact, I must have been doing a pretty good pace for me (as you'll see at the end). Most of the time I was trading places, forward and back with these two (If you haven't heard of you it, you can read more about The Blerch):

The people in front of me most of the race. 
Then, after the half-way mark I felt a strong *pop* in my left knee, and a lot of pain. I couldn't run without extreme shooting pain in my knee, but I could walk. I could even walk quickly. So I did. I speed walked the rest of the race. Luckily there were people like this to keep us motivated:

I finished with a 13 minute per mile pace. At the end of the race I got some ice for my knee

It took a few days before I could use stairs without pain. Three weeks after the half-marathon I ran a 10k race, but had quite a bit of discomfort. Then we ran a family 5k for polio research, with some pain in my knee for the last mile. Over the last several weeks I haven't run much, because of travel, so I was hoping everything would be healed.

Today we accomplished half of our family Thanksgiving traditions; we ran our annual family Turkey Trot, a 5k. Everything felt good (except for being a little out of practice), until the last couple blocks. So, I'm not completely healed yet, but on my way.

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