Thursday, December 6, 2012

What war on women?

An infographic from Pharyngula:


Anonymous said...

The designation as boyfriend is usually very vague on these studies. No look at proportion either (a hundred thousand troops. a hundred million women). No stats on males to compare. No statistics on women who die from car accidents, heart disease etc. Also perhaps worthy of note, roughly fifty percent of domestic violence is reciprocal, meaning many of these women were themselves abusive. No person deserves domestic abuse, nor do they deserve to die but dodgy stats are lazy, solving few problems and creating many more. The war on women concept is too large and meaningless, being used to justify the use of resources on popscience rubbish, resources which could be used to help real women in horrendous circumstances. All in all though, I am glad to see people speaking up about this issue. Nice blog too.

mathbionerd said...

You're right that it isn't a comprehensive infographic, but I think it was a product of its time... during the election campaign, and with so much legislation being passed targeted at regulating women.

I would very much like to see more emphasis on how domestic abuse affects all genders. In this case, I think the statistics on males (I'm not sure how much information there is on transgender individuals) to compare would make an even stronger point that home grown domestic violence is a real problem our country should address (not that foreign deaths are unimportant).

I would, however, disagree that many resources are spent on "popscience rubbish" other than an individual's persona time to look up their statistics of interest (certainly the FBI doesn't gather these statistics so that some blogger can make an infographic).

I'm glad you like the blog!