Saturday, October 20, 2012

Please consider removing Ms. Maggie McGlinchy's access to post to the Onward State blog

* I sent this letter to the Onward State blog editorial contact today.

Dear Onward State,

As a Penn State alumna, and someone concerned with the image of Penn State and its students, I implore you to please remove Ms. Maggie McGlinchy's access to post on the Onward State Blog.

The mission of Onward State, in its own words, is:

Onward State is an independent, alternative Penn State blog that seeks to foster the student voice through the combination of commentary that is fair, authentic, and sometimes humorous; analysis that is critical and irreverent; and news that is relevant and accurate. Onward State works to generate honest and frank conversation in the hopes of enriching the Penn State community and experience.

Unfortunately, Ms. McGlinchy has repeatedly shown that she is neither fair, authentic, nor humorous. She continues to demonstrate her inability to think critically, or to provide accurate information. 

I appreciate irreverence, and encourage frank discussions, but Ms. McGlinchy fails to grasp the subtle difference between irreverence and bigotry. In her most recent failure, Ms. McGlinchy offended countless current students and alumni, with over 126 negative comments accumulated less than two days after publication (here). It has taken just a few moments to assemble some samples of Ms. McGlinchy's dim wit, with numerous more examples of her failure to fulfill the mission of Onward State readily accessible:

(describing "obscure" clubs at Penn State)
"Association of Women in Computing – At first you think “WOOF” then you think $$$$."

(referring to a comment from a student returning from study abroad and her response) 
“It’s so weird not being able to just order a beer right now.” Guess what, it was weird for me too when I lost my fake but you don’t hear me crying about it. Besides you’re a lot closer to 21 than I am so shut the hell up and black out with me already.

"First of all, as a self-proclaimed University Park elitist, I’m going to tell you this now: Commonwealth Branch campus kids are weird. Not only do they think they’re on the same playing field as you even though they went to Altoona (which, HELLO, is basically a glorified high school and now they’re gonna get a job just as good/better than yours) but they’ll be older and probably offer to buy you beer and tell you to take the bus to Vairo Boulevard or wherever the fuck they live."

"Thinking about wasting $50 on that bandage skirt you saw at Urban the other day? Think again, because when you walk into that frat party you’re going to on Friday you’re going to see it on about 7 other girls– and chances are it’s going to get doused in beer, anyway. Ah, the beauty of going to school in bumblefuck, PA. I mean. can you imagine if I showed up somewhere in shoulder pads or boyfriend jeans? Not only would I go home alone, but probably in a straight jacket as well."

Specifically, her disdain for women is especially disturbing. 

By continuing to allow her to post unchecked on your blog, you choose to disregard the mission of your organization, and to misrepresent the general quality of students at Penn State. 

Please consider removing Ms. McGlinchy's access to this broad platform for sharing her insipid idiocy. She will still be free to share her insights on her private blog, but without the implied support of the Penn State students of Onward State. If nothing else, I can only hope that she will take the time to reflect on the long-term implications of her words, on both her own career, and the reputation of Onward State.

With Concern,

Dr. Wilson Sayres


Hillary said...

As a fellow PSU (and CIDD) alum, bravo!

mathbionerd said...

Thanks. I remember reading, and being appalled by some of her commentaries while at Penn State. I finally decided to do something that might have a chance of changing things. I'll post if I get a response.