Saturday, April 30, 2011

It begins

It has been busier than I expected the past two weeks:
- I successfully defended my thesis and backed up my projects
- I finished the changes/ submitted the final copy to the grad school, along with gathering all the appropriate signatures
- We visited with many friends and family
- We packed everything just hours before the movers arrived
- Baby girl caught her first stomach bug
- Both doggies got updated in preparation for the drive
- We cleaned our apartment top to bottom and finalized almost all our bills/ paperwork here (I forgot to call the gas and electric companies)

Now we have the car packed and find ourselves traveling East (for one last visit to some family) before heading out West tomorrow. Regardless, we have, after a series of small setbacks, wished a very sad farewell to State College.

State College is full of so many wonderful memories and friends that I haven't let myself think about leaving yet because I know I will be overwhelmed with emotion. We met and married there. It was our first home together and the place where Claire was born. We adopted two dogs there, and defended two dissertations there. We biked to campus and hiked in the mountains. With good friends we learned to snowboard and enjoyed hot wings on the grass.

The people we met here have been the most valuable part of my time in State College. Truly I have made lifetime friends. These people have made my life so much richer and happier than I could ever express to them. If you are reading this and wonder if I'm referring to you, yes, I am. Thank you.

Now, before I start crying and make Scott wonder what I'm writing here, I'll just say that I hope you'll enjoy the next several blogs, which I will devote to our cross-country adventure!

Just hoping I didn't forget to pack anything...

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