Monday, January 10, 2011


The last time I posted (Dec 21) was the day I went into labor, and little Claire joined us at 2:47am on Wednesday December 22nd.

She's a wonderful baby! Still, that doesn't mean that the days and nights haven't blurred together.

Today is my first day at home alone as Scott heads back to work.  It's been an hour, and so far nothing has fallen apart. :) As nervous as I am to be here alone, I'm also sad for Scott to go. I know I'm not ready to go back to work (i.e. to be away from Claire for any amount of time), so I imagine it must be very hard for him too.

Claire and I are planning to meet Scott for lunch, which means I'm going to start getting ready in a few minutes (I figure it will take a couple hours to bathe Claire, get us both dressed, nurse Claire, change her diaper, get her situated in the car seat and pick up lunch).

In other news, I found, through google, that there's a picture of me from the Genome Research poster competition at the Cold Spring Harbor conference last hear - awesome! Claire was just a several weeks old developing embryo at this point, but we did know about her (meaning I didn't partake in the wine/cheese hour, or happy hours).

Although she's just shy of three weeks old, it is so weird to think of a time when she wasn't part of our lives. Currently she is snuggled up to my belly, snoozing while I type.

I'll try to update more frequently, but be sure that if there is ever a choice between updating or enjoying time with Claire, I'm going to go enjoy her. I'm off to do that now. :)

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