Friday, February 26, 2010


So, I was about to post this new song by Lady Gaga, which I really like, called Speechless, when I thought I'd head over to Pharygula and see what was new for today...

Well, what I saw left me speechless, and not in the mournful, love-dove way of the song above.

The song is nice because it showcases Lady Gaga's very beautiful voice, and talent on the piano.

The vajazzling is ridiculous, impractical, an enormous money-suck and kick in the gut to a woman's self-esteem. Now, to be beautiful, I'm expected to wax my pubic hair, and bedazzle it, like some early 90's sweatshirt? Uh, thanks, but no thanks.

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Mike Russo said...

I was cracking up when I saw that earlier today. If I saw that when a girl dropper her drawers, I'd run (after peeing my pants in laughter).