Thursday, January 7, 2010

My last name is two words...

So, I decided to change my last name after getting married. Now, instead of "Wilson" it is "Wilson Sayres". No hyphen. Yes, there is a space between them.

I figured it was the best option for me. Now, if I choose, I can still publish under Wilson, without having to worry about justifying who I am when applying for grants, or "losing" any of my previous publications, but I can also receive things to Mrs. Sayres without having to carry my marriage license around with me forever to prove I really am married to Mr. Sayres. It's the best of both worlds.

Synopsis: Legally my last name is "Wilson Sayres" but professionally or personally I can be either Wilson or Sayres or Wilson Sayres!


Cptn. Suz said...

I was so happy to find your blog entry when I googled two word last names. I will also be getting married soon and have been trying to decide to hypenate or not. The hypen just looks weird to me though. So I'm glad to know that others have gone with the two word (no hypen) last name. I hope it's been working out well for you!

mathbionerd said...

Thanks! I know it's kind of short, and I actually had a request to write a follow-up. A sort of, how is it all working out for you, so I think I'll do that soon. Good luck - I've really liked it, actually!