Wednesday, August 26, 2009

every little bit counts

It is a funny coincidence that yesterday I received the compostable cups and plates we'd picked out for the wedding, and today there's an article about a couple who is attempting to live trashless for a year (with some exceptions).

We're really trying to embrace the local, eco-friendly movement. All of our vendors are either local, or recyclable. The wedding favors are from the local chocolatier, and the favor boxes are made of recycled paper. Our invitations are probably the least eco-friendly, but we've cut them down to one small card in one small envelope, requesting that people RSVP online. Instead of cake, we're having cookies, baked by a local woman in town, and ice cream made by Meyer's dairy (also local).

Our photographer lives just over the hill from the reception hall and so will only have to drive a half a mile, and instead of getting all printed proofs, our photographs will be uploaded online and we'll have a master-disc with all the pictures.

No programs, limited decorations (the barn is really beautiful, so I don't think we need any at all), no flowers.

Our plates, cups and cutlery are all compostable, and the guy we are renting from has bins for recyclables, so we should have a very minimum of waste!

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