Monday, April 6, 2009

Is the rhinopus an amphibian?

This is definitely worth the 10 minutes to watch, and provides a great overview for anyone about evolution:


GeorgeRN said...

Excellent video. I was not aware of the lineage of the modern dessert banana. When I was in junior high a classmate asked me about evolution and whether my ancestors were monkeys. I replied, "They certainly are!" He didn't know what to say. Regarding the question, the rhinopus appears to be a cephalopod. Maybe from the lineage of the hippopoctopus. ;)

mathbionerd said...

See, I was trying to figure out, since the octopus is from the class cephalopoda, and rhino is from the class mammalia, what does that make the rhinopus? I guess we could create a new class. I guess the bigger problem is that they aren't even from the same phylum. Opps. At least they're both from the kingdom Animalia.

I do think the bit about the modern banana was pretty cool, especially considering how commonly it is used in creationist propaganda.

I am quite certain are monkeys up in our family tree!