Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, if you have any resolutions (new or old), feel free to share them here!  You know, accountability (i.e. peer pressure) helps to keep you on the right path. I know having the support of my friends and family helps keep me going. 

I have two new resolutions:
1. Do yoga every morning after I wake up (if even for 10 minutes)
2. Log 5 miles a week (walking, running, elliptical, but miles on a bike have to be divided by 3)

So far it is day 7 and I am going strong! ExerciseTV has a variety of yoga workouts, so that helps to motivate me at 6:30 every morning.  Also, not requiring that I run the 5 miles seems to really help out also.  I feel like I spend longer (and probably get more cardio in) on the machines because I don't feel obligated to run the entire time. Also, I am keeping track of the miles and minutes each week; it makes me want to work out 5 minutes longer each day, just to add to my totals.  Let's see how long I can keep it up!!

My dad mentioned he will be planning a trip to Machu Picchu in the next year, which I am VERY excited to get in on.

In other, non-academic goals, I'm hoping to incorporate more healthy eating habits into my life (with some advice from the Happy Herbivore), improve my knitting/crocheting skills, and spend more time with my friends and family throughout the year. 

Academically, I'm working to get enough research done to present at two conferences this summer.  While there, I'll be looking for potential post-doc advisors/positions, as well as opportunities to work as a director of Science Outreach. For all of those inquiring minds, I'll write more about my research in future posts, because I know you'll find it as wildly interesting as I do!

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