Thursday, June 25, 2015

What are we up to?

Often people complain about research lab websites not being updated. In an effort to combat this I'm going to try to keep up on posting any presentations given by lab members, including posters and slides.

Okay, okay, it's a little late, but here are links to six posters of research from the Wilson Sayres lab were presented at the inaugural meeting of the Society for Evolutionary Medicine and Public Health in March 2015. The posters have now been uploaded to FigShare, and represent current research being conducted in the lab.

1. Using diversity to measure boundaries of the pseudoautosomal regions in human sex chromosomes

2. Modeling the contrasting Neolithic lineage expansions in Europe and Africa

3. Characterizing sex-biased gene expression in the green anole

4. Evolutionary perspective suggests candidate genes for variation in Turner Syndrome phenotype

5. Patterns of evolution across vertebrate sex determining genes

6. Parent-of-origin effects in Turner syndrome patients


Mark P said...

While I totally endorse this sort of public profile, I did have an "interesting" experience this last year when a journal (and it was one of the ones run by scientists) tell me that because some images were on a website, they had already been "published" and could not be "re-used" in our Figures in a submitted manuscript., Since they were more "illustrations" than "data", this was relatively easy to fix but it did leave me a bit paranoid (e.g., I pulled some videos from our Vimeo site)

mathbionerd said...

Yikes! Thank you for sharing. This is actually pretty scary. Even videos? I worry I won't run into this.

In a similar vein, yesterday I told a senior colleague I plan on posting my grants, and he responded, "Wow, that is brave of you." :-/