Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things I never expected to say...

There are so many things I never expected to say, and then I had a baby. Now she is two years old. Here are a few of the things I've said in the past week:

"You may not saw the dog's head off." (With a toy plastic handsaw)

"Do not punch/hit/kick that baby. We need to be nice to babies." (With pretty much any human baby we see this week. Dolls are okay, but every time she sees a real baby, 8-16mo, she yells, 'I don't like babies!', and lashes out at it for some imaginary offense.)

"Why are you licking the chair?"

"Sure, I'll help you put big girl underwear on your shark." (No, it is not easy.)

"Your dinosaur is afraid of monsters??"

And this one makes me realize we don't say it nearly enough, or else she wouldn't have this association (or maybe it is that I make sure to always say it when we part):
"I love you doesn't mean good-bye."

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