Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today the Little Bear (just recently 2 years old) walked up to me and patted my arm.

Little Bear: "Mommy's scared monsters." Pat, pat.
Me: "What?"
Little Bear: "Mommy's scared monsters."
Me: "Oh, I'm scared of monsters?"
Little Bear: Nodding, more patting. "It's okay. I protect you."

Melt. my. heart.

I guess after that, though, I should have seen tonight coming. She was very tired, but kept waking herself up telling me she was afraid of monsters. First, I told her I would protect her, and turn the star lights (like a night light) on. Then I told her that monsters were like Grover (from the book, "The Monster at the End of This Book"). Then, she asked for her daddy. He told her that Little Brown Dog eats monsters, and that seemed to work, because she is sleeping peacefully now.

Little Brown Dog for the win.

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