Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scientist mom: red eye

I'm on my way to Denton, Texas to meet with collaborators and give a talk at the University of North Texas. My first meeting is at 8am.

So, I put in a full day today in lab, met Husband and Bear at the park, tried a new (to us) Mexican restaurant for dinner, then came home to pack up, play, shower and read bedtime stories. I hugged Husband and said goodnight to the Bear as he took her back to bed before gathering my things and walking to the BART. I had to make a quick detour to lab to grab my adaptor, in case there isn't a computer for me to use, and I need to plug in my own.

I am very excited to be going. I am also sad to miss anything at home. But, I'm lucky to know that the Bear is in good hands, and I will get to see everyone soon.

I took the wrong BART train transfer and went North one stop. I realized as soon as I stepped on the train, but it was too late. Still, not so bad because the next SFO bound train was only 10 min out, and there were plenty of seats.

I made it to the airport, yay! Then the voice came over the loud speaker to tell us the AirTran, to zip between terminals is down. Eh, I don't mind the walk.

Getting ready to go through security. Just need to grab my driver's license. Oh. No. Where is it?! I called husband frantic about it. He found it, among the other cards the Bear was playing with yesterday. But, we both realize that there isn't enough time for him to make it here and me to make my flight.

It turns out you can go through security without a government issued ID, if you have two other forms of identification, and you submit yourself and a of your things to a thorough search. The head of TSA here at SFO was actually really great about it.

And, thanks to the iPhone, I have already cancelled my rental car and booked a taxi for the morning. I just need to figure out tomorrow afternoon, but that will come tomorrow.

Whew! Now time to practice my talk and maybe read some papers about the X chromosome.

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