Monday, October 8, 2012

No sticker?

I've been reading up on the plethora of ballot initiatives here in California, and was excited when our voter book came in the mail today. I turned it over to find out polling place and instead read this:

What the what?! It seems supremely strange to me to have no polling place, but the National polling place database and the local Alameda County polling place both have our address listed as without a polling place. Weird.

I guess I'll just have to get my vote out in the mail early this year. It will feel a little anticlimactic.

Plus, how am I supposed to show off my awesome citizenship without my "I voted" sticker?

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PennStateGirl said...

I suppose you could get some of these? Then share them with all the rest of us vote by mail people!

mathbionerd said...

Those are the same stickers I got last time I voted! Yes!! Plus, for $6 for 1000, I'd be in business for the rest of my voting career, with plenty to go around.