Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scientist mom: one groove throws off the other

I didn't have time to post this last night because I was actually working, so here it is  now.
- - - - - -
I'm nearly finished with my NIH K99/R00 application. Whether I am or not, the deadline is to get it to my Sponsored Programs Office by Monday Oct 8. After receiving abundantly helpful comments from my colleagues and mentor, I really got in the groove this afternoon putting the finishing touches on the research proposal.

And... then I realized I had 15 minutes to make it to daycare. Usually I leave myself 25 minutes to get home and let Little Brown Dog out, then hike up to pick up the Bear. Today, because of a great "science" groove, I got out of my "mommy" groove. Yes, I consider myself "mommy" to both my daughter and my dog. I realized I didn't have time to get home, so I decided to go to daycare first then come home and let out Little Brown Dog. Poor Little Brown Dog.

I raced down the stairs, and about halfway through campus I realized I left the milk in the fridge at work (we were almost out of milk, so, in an effort to be efficient I picked some up on my way to work, doubling with another errand). Sigh.

At daycare the Bear was not unhappy, but not her bubbly-self. Until I tried to put her in the stroller. Then she was definitely unhappy. She voiced her displeasure at being forced to sit the entire trip home.
Once home, the Bear was very happy to see Little Brown Dog. We all went out for a walk. Little Brown Dog was relieved. The Bear happily played outside, and all was well in the world.
We came back inside and the Bear helped me eat bananas make some Banana Bread:

Don't worry, we had plenty of bananas, and she did help with lots of stirring after each ingredient addition. I accidentally mis-measured (I grabbed a 1/3 cup instead of a 1/2 cup without realizing it), so the bread isn't as sweet, but is still pretty tasty.

The Bear colored the counter on some paper while I made French Onion Soup. It was delicious with toasted rolls and melty cheese. We both ate our fill, then while I did dishes, the Bear decided to paint her head with the leftover cooked onions in her bowl. It wasn't pretty. I'm a little embarrassed to share this picture, but she was playing so quietly and contently that I just let her do it so I could finish the dishes and take the banana bread out of the oven without worrying about her getting hurt.

Oh. my. goodness:

Banana bread done. Dinner finished and cleaned up. Now it was definitely time for a bath. Afterwards the Bear and I enjoyed some quiet time sitting together on the couch, she with her warm milk and me with some hot tea. It was... very nice.

We sang some songs, told stories, and made funny faces. Then, just after 8, Scott came home. (Seriously, 5:30pm, 5:45pm by the time everyone shows up, is a terrible time to have routine lab meetings. End rant.) We brushed teeth (yay!), went potty (yay!) and she fell asleep very easily (yay!).
So, all-in-all, a pretty good night. I guess the grooves weren't so mis-aligned.

Now, we have a few hours to get some work done. I see python code in TextWrangler, and some sort of molecular orbitals on Scott's laptop. I'll be focusing on the K99, of course. :)

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