Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scientist mom: Despicable me

I hit some magic stride, stayed up crazy-late last night (which is only crazy late because I had no option to sleep in this morning) and finished the first draft of my research proposal. Yay! There is still a lot of work to do, but for me, getting the first draft written down is much harder than editing.

Last night and today I also found time to work on manuscript revisions, which are due the same time as the grant, and to analyze data quality for a project of mutual interest with a new labmate. And then about 4pm rolled around... and it all caught up with me.

Luckily it was near time to leave to pick up the Bear from daycare. We skipped the park today, and instead came home, painted, played monster trucks, babies, then took a bath and had dinner. Now, we're going to cuddle up and watch Despicable me. I'm hoping I don't fall asleep before she does.

Update: We ended up only watching the last half hour, then dancing, of course, to the boogie music. Chip was whining, so we all took a walk around the block, then the Bear "helped" me with dishes, brushed our teeth, Bear peed on the potty (yay!), and we read a few books (I read the last one twice, then she "read" it back to me).

Then, bedtime attempt #1: fail.

Tried the potty - nope. I made some hot tea for me, and warm milk for the Bear. We just sat in silence enjoying our drinks, then back to bed. A little rocky, but she fell asleep just after 9pm.

I'm getting up early to drive with some labmates for a lab retreat, so I'm going to get to bed... after I work on some of the supplementary grant items.

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