Friday, September 21, 2012

International Book Week

Another meme going around is "International Book Week". I couldn't find a reference to this, but I did find, "Banned Books Week", which is held the last week of September. I remember our elementary and high school libraries celebrating this, and think it is probably the origin of the "International Book Week" trend.

Still, I thought it would be fun to participate. The game I saw this morning said:
It's international book week, grab the book closest to you, turn to pg 98 and put the 2nd sentence as your status. Don't mention the book title.
So, here goes!

First closest book:
"Genital presentation is probably an adjunct to olfactory communication in such cases and this might represent one of the evolutionary origins of presentation behaviour among the diurnal anthropoids."
Second closest book:
"The simplest of these is the locator() function."

I love being a scientist.  


Alexis Rudd said...

1) "Enter y= (x^2-25)/(x-5) into your calculator's graphing mode."

2) "This poses a problem: how do you know where to point your jammer beam?"

Hahaha, that is pretty funny.

mathbionerd said...

Yay! It is fun, which is why I like it. I guess, it just frustrates me that it has to have a false basis. Why can't they just say, "Banned Book Week", or, even, "I like books, so do this fun thing."