Monday, February 6, 2012

Daily goings on by the Bay

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with me? Oh, no? Well, no worry, you're about to learn anyway. 

Last weekend I was lazy and instead of making something from scratch, we baked some sweet potato tots and vegan "chicken" bites (which are, surprisingly, incredibly delicious!). Not to be completely boring, I decided to take some liberties with my condiments to make a honey-mustard flower. You can see the honey-petals drooping a bit. But this also showcases a quick of mine. I love honey and mustard. Mixed together (honey-mustard), they are okay, but side-by-side they are unbeatable, in my realm of condiments. I love having the vinegar-bite of the honey, and then being able to sweeten it with the honey, or the other way around. 

I'm kind of the same way with tomato sauce and cream sauces. They're both delicious, but I can't stomach a creamy-tomato sauce. Oh, alright, you're right. If I went to someone's house, I'd totally eat the creamy-tomato sauce that they served me, but it is one of my least-favorite foods.

To make up for my lack of fresh vegetables and fruit, I went a little overboard at Berkeley Bowl (our local grocery store, with an amazing produce selection). Starting in the lower left-hand corner and moving clock-wise, I prepared a pomegranate, broccoli, celery, kale, apples, honeydew, golden beet, butternut squash, and mango. We ate some raw, and I juiced a lot in my Birthday Juicer.

I've been getting so busy in lab that I've been skipping lunch, so I'm going to start taking some juice to have as a backup plan. Don't worry, I make sure to eat a healthy breakfast (usually oatmeal with bran, flax seed and some kind of fruit), and try my best to make a healthy homemade dinner at night. Plus, part of the deal of my fellowship is a lunch/speaker every Tuesday. Guess I don't have to worry about lunch tomorrow!

Oh, and lastly, in the normal routine of my life, is Brown Chihuahua. He is often doing things that surprise me. I would venture that he is, the friendliest, quietest, smartest (but obstinate) Chihuahua in the history of ever. He was house-trained when we brought him home from the shelter, and has been a constant fixture in our lives ever since, even being the only attendant in our wedding! Well, apparently Brown Chihuahua learned that Baby Girl leaves tasty snacks morsels in the stroller after our walks because when I went to look for him yesterday I found him here:

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