Monday, October 19, 2009

arbitrary rules

I very much relate to this comic in so many aspects of life (especially check out the last line of the description when you mouse over the image).

Sometimes I wonder if it is better to just be quiet...


Mike Russo said...

Oh how I love XKCD! I agree that today's was especially funny.

...I remember seeing on Colbert a while back that a guy had written a book in which he said that we are no safer because of these security measures. He even called it a "security theater" in which we get to participate in a play meant to make us feel safer. He also displayed several knives and such that he had been able to take on all of his business trips for the previous two months without being caught, just to prove his point.

mathbionerd said...

I, unintentionally, had left a hunting knife my uncle had given me in the bottom of my backpack for...years. After digging the backpack out of my closet to use a couple years ago, and flying several time, I'd say at least 3 or 4, I was on a return flight when I was stopped and it was confiscated. I was so upset because they wouldn't let me out of line to go mail it to myself or anything and there wasn't anyone there I could give it to so....Happy Birthday to whichever TSA person kept my knife.

It really is pretty absurd. The amount of hassle, frustration and confusion has increased, but safety? Nope.

On some cynical level, I think the TSA was Bush's way of creating new jobs.