Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Living in the moment

I think that food is the ultimate way to live in the present. We can taste and smell and touch and hear our food. The experience of eating is so fleeting, but so wonderful. In high school, when I got to travel to Europe (to sing), I made up my mind to spend all my extra money on food, instead of tangible souvenirs, because I thought of what would happen if I died on the plane ride home. None of the trinkets I had bought would mean anything, but I would have thoroughly enjoyed the time I was there. It was completely worth it; I might have gained 10 pounds while there, but I still remember the sweet and puffy chocolate filled croissants, the flaky crust and tender meat in the steak and kidney pie, American flavored chips, and my first taste of nutella from a jar shared between friends.

Granted, sometimes we love small things to remind us of specific events in time, but overall, I think food wins.

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